March 12ᵗʰ – March 14ᵗʰ, 2024

2024 UCC Conference

Summary & Conclusion

Drawing on the vibrant energy of Las Vegas, the inaugural United Creditors Connect conference, held from March 12th to 14th, 2024, at the luxurious Venetian, marked a monumental leap forward for the credit union and financial services sector. This groundbreaking event successfully brought together a diverse mix of credit union professionals, vendors, and industry leaders, creating an unparalleled platform for collaboration, learning, and innovation.

The conference showcased an impressive roster of speakers, including UFC Champion Chuck Liddell, SVP at SWBC & former SVP at The Fed, Blake Hastings, senior tech executive and cybersecurity expert Don, INOVA FCU CEO Dallas Bergl, Karel Rocha, Esq., Encurage Financial Network CEO Michael T. Abraham, trainer and coach Milton Hunt, CFPB Debt Program Lead K. (Gandhi) Eswaramoorthy, and Lexop VP Michael Pupil. These speakers provided valuable insights and shared their expertise on a wide range of topics, from maximizing individual and organizational potential to transforming adversity into opportunity. Their presentations not only captivated attendees but also spurred meaningful discussions on the future of the credit union movement.

The conference’s mission to champion a new era in the credit union and financial services industry was palpable throughout the event. It strived to empower unity and foster knowledge by blending tradition with cutting-edge innovation. This mission was brought to life through engaging sessions, interactive workshops, and networking opportunities that allowed participants to explore the latest trends, technologies, and strategies for fostering a collaborative and innovative financial services landscape.

As we look back on the 2024 conference, we are filled with gratitude for the enthusiastic participation of all attendees and the invaluable contributions of our speakers. The success of this inaugural event sets a high bar for future conferences and reaffirms our commitment to driving positive change in the credit union and financial services industry. We eagerly anticipate continuing this journey of empowerment, unity, and innovation at next year’s conference and beyond.

2024 conference

2024 Speakers

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2024 UCC Venue

The Venetian, Las Vegas

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UCC 2024 conference speakers


Chuck Liddell

UFC Champion

Charles Liddell, known as “The Iceman”, is a retired American MMA fighter and former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion. He competed from 1998 to 2018, credited with popularizing MMA with a 16–7 UFC record. On July 10, 2009, Liddell was inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame.

Chris Benson

UCC President/MC

Chris Benson, a credit union industry leader, brings over 20 yrs of experience in collections & delinquency management to his role as UCC’s President. He is committed to developing a stronger and more innovative credit union and financial services network by offering insights with industry peers. Off-duty, Chris is a family man, coaching his daughter’s club softball team and an avid hockey enthusiast.

Karel Rocha, Esq.

Principal Partner

Karel Rocha, Esq., a seasoned attorney with 20+ years in creditor collections, is a legal champion for credit unions. He’ll update on consumer laws affecting finance at our conference. With trials across California and numerous legal seminars, his expertise is invaluable to financial institutions.

 Michael T. Abraham

President & CEO

Michael, with 20 years in finance and a rise from loan manager to CEO of FFCU, grew the credit union by 300%. He pioneered a collaborative network for credit unions. Serving as a board treasurer and chair, he also teaches Finance at North Park University. BA & MBA from DePaul; CCUE certified.

Milton Hunt

Trainer and Coach

Milton Hunt, Lumbee tribe member and dynamic ‘edu-tainer,’ offers impactful Employee Training and Motivational Speaking with a blend of cultural wisdom and professional expertise. Adept at bridging cultural divides, his sessions energize and unify. Recognized leader with numerous civic awards.

Dallas Bergl


Dallas Bergl, CEO of INOVA FCU since ’99, has led 25+ years of credit union growth, mergers, and service evolution. A decorated veteran and influential board member across several credit unions and community projects, he’s recognized for his service with multiple awards, including the Key to the City of Elkhart.

K. (Gandhi) Eswaramoorthy

Debt Program Lead

Gandhi Eswaramoorthy, with 25+ years in credit card risk management, is the Program Manager for Debt Collections at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau since 2017. PhD in Agricultural Economics, Iowa State University.

Michael Pupil

Vice President

Michael Pupil, VP of Sales, brings 20+ years  of expertise in Financial Services, IT, and Software consulting and management. At Lexop, he leads in streamlining workflows for managing past-due accounts with innovative digital solutions, emphasizing humane and flexible approaches. Michael champions customer-centric strategies for loyalty and retention.


Senior Tech Exec & Cyber Security Expert

Surprise Guest: Senior Tech Executive with 20+ years in the industry, an expert in digital transformation and IT solutions. Renowned for leading innovative strategies, a Microsoft Certified Trainer and a mentor in executive business strategy. With a history in significant tech advancements and a commitment to philanthropy, his insights are invaluable.

Blake Hastings

SVP @ SWBC & ex-SVP @ The Fed

Blake, with over 35 years in economics, excels as SWBC’s SVP, guiding corporate strategy and economic analysis. A former SVP at the Federal Reserve, his expertise spans M&A, risk management & leadership development. Blake holds a BA and MBA from George Washington University, is multilingual, and is recognized for driving innovation and strategic growth.