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In adherence to our guidelines, we request all prospective sponsors to fill out the application below for a chance to become an endorsed sponsor at our conference. Be aware that we cap the quantity of sponsors, and selections are contingent upon Board endorsement. Our Board meticulously assesses all applications to ensure we collaborate with reputable partners, and to maintain a harmonious mix of sponsors relative to our credit union audience and venue capacity. We’ve phased out general vendor passes to maintain this equilibrium. All sponsorship opportunities displayed on our site are contingent on availability and require committee validation. Submitting this application doesn’t assure attendance. Additionally, securing a speaking slot won’t influence the sponsorship evaluation.

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Following your application and its assessment by the UCC Vendor Committee, our conference team will inform you of your sponsorship/exhibition status, whether approved or denied. If given the green light, a Vendor Committee representative will reach out with tailored payment instructions unique to your entity. Once your payment is successfully processed via the given portal and we receive your signed vendor agreement through DocuSign, you’ll be introduced to our Event Management partner. They will guide you through the subsequent steps tailored to your sponsorship tier, ensuring your organization is fully prepped for the exhibition. From that moment, Event Management Partner will serve as your primary conference liaison.

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