Protecting Your Credit Union

From Cyber Attacks and Ransomware


Uncover how just one Credit Union employee’s mistake could expose the entire system to cyber threats, emphasizing the urgent need for comprehensive cybersecurity awareness. Learn why conventional defenses are lagging behind innovations like Ransomware as a Service, and how human error contributes to 95% of security breaches. Discover the game-changing roles of AI and cloud technologies, and explore effective protections such as VDI and encryption. Gain vital insights into combating cybercrime through cybersecurity hygiene and understanding the dark web’s influence. This session offers indispensable strategies for all CU staff to navigate the challenges of hybrid work and future cybersecurity landscapes, ensuring their institution’s resilience against evolving cyber risks.

Don, a pioneering figure in digital transformation and a leader in emerging technologies, has guided top-tier companies and mentored at premier institutions. His expertise is crucial in understanding the cyber threats that credit unions face today. During his tenure in influential tech roles, Don has gained insights into the intricacies of cyber security, especially relevant for financial institutions. In this session, he will address the alarming reality of cyber attacks—how they can lock employees out of their systems, cripple banking networks, and halt critical operations like payment processing.


Cybersecurity Webinar Special Guest


Senior Tech Exec & Cyber Security Expert


With over 20 years in tech strategy and innovation, Don is a standout senior technology executive and visionary leader. His expertise is backed by a large array of certifications, showcasing his mastery in diverse tech areas. Don’s career is marked by groundbreaking contributions in technology and mentorship in prestigious business schools.

His acumen spans cybersecurity to AI scalability, playing pivotal roles in shaping enterprise strategies for major companies. Notably, he significantly influenced a top tech firm’s success in digital workspace solutions, boosting their revenue.

Beyond corporate achievements, Don’s commitment to education shines in his 18+ years as a Microsoft Certified Trainer. His dedication to giving back is evident in his active involvement in various charities. Don’s unique blend of business insight and technological expertise makes him a distinguished figure in the tech world.